Brentek makes "custom" easy!

Brentek is able to design what you need or package your design in standard I/O module packaging. Regardless of whether you need 1, 10 or 1000 pieces, we are glad to quote your specific custom module.  Many custom modules have had first article units delivered in less than 4 weeks.  

Over the years, Brentek International has designed and produced many custom designs.  The list below has a sampling of the special products Brentek has done over the years.  Many of them have become standard products which are in the current catalog.  It is pretty clear that Brentek isn't one of those companies that tells its customers to just buy what is in the catalog - if you don't see what you need, please contact us with your requirements and we will help you realize your solution!

Partial List of Brentek Custom Products and Customizations

Watchdog Timers

  • Watchdog with extra indicators
  • Watchdog with manual resets
  • Watchdog with 24V PLC sourcing
  • Watchdog with timed sequence output
  • Watchdog with positive edge trigger
  • Watchdog with 'boot strap' configuration 
  • 120VAC Watchdog
  • Watchdog with SSR output
  • Watchdog with power-up trigger

Pulse Timing and Input Modules

  • "Windowed" pulse input time
  • Low current DC Input
  • Non-inverting DC input
  • "Windowed" level comparator AC Input
  • Delay-ON AC Input
  • Delay-ON AC Input w/ Pulse Output
  • Voltage-sensing Permissive Start
  • Optically-isolated input modules with hysteresis
  • Set/reset latches
  • One-shot timer (non-retriggerable)
  • G4IDC24K Retrofit

Dry Contact I/O Modules

  • High current SSR output modules
  • SSR Module with Set-Reset latch
  • Totem pole outputs
  • Differential TTL driver modules
  • IGBT driver modules 
  • Delay-ON Modules
  • Delay-OFF Modules
  • 125VDC Switching Dry Output
  • Low current switching Dry Output
  • Dry output with fail-safe timer

I/O System Adapters and I/O Racks

  • Null jumper modules
  • QUAD-type I/O Module Adaptors
  • Plug-on wiring interface for I/O racks
  • High Density I/O Racks



















Brentek offers design services for:

  • Custom variations of standard I/O products
  • Designing and Packaging of a custom I/O module with customer-defined specifications
  • Packaging and test of a customer's I/O design
  • Designing a retrofit for an obsoleted part or device

Please contact IPD via phone or email with your special requirements, we'll get Brentek's technical staff on it right away!

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