At a Glance

  • Active-low Input
  • Compatible with Open-collector Drivers
  • 5V Compatible with TTL and CMOS
  • 100 Million Cycle Reed Relay
  • 1 Amp 20VA AC/DC Switching
  • -40°C to +85°C Operation
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
  • For 0.6” Classic and 70-type Racks
  • Normally Open FORM 1A Relay
  • Normally Closed FORM 1B Relay
  • Sourcing/Sinking Logic Compatibility
  • Customize It! IPD is glad to quote your specific custom module


Brentek DRY5 Series Dry Output Modules offer true Dry Contact switching of AC/DC large and small signals. Its industrial -40-+85 deg. C. temperature rating, fully encapsulated circuitry, direct compatibility with industry standard I/O mounting racks, and high reliability make this series ideal for harsh industrial control applications. The active-low input is directly compatible with open-collector driver circuits. Models for 5V operation are also compatible with TTL and CMOS logic. They can also be configured for PLC Logic compatibility.  They are available in industry-standard 5,12, 15, and 24 VDC supply voltages with base model numbers as follows:

  • DRY5
  • DRY12
  • DRY15
  • DRY24

The versatile DRY CONTACT output has zero OFF-state leakage current offering direct compatibility to control solid state input circuits. This series employs a HI-REL reed relay with excellent cycle life (100 million mechanical operations), low ON-state resistance and high power factor switching.  These modules can control both large and small signals, eliminating the logistics for separate AC and DC module types.

This series offers both FORM 1A (N.O.) and FORM 1B (N.C.) dry contact relay types.  These types can be selected to pre-configure selected I/O points for default power-down states, allowing for fail-SAFE I/O system operation. The standard relay configuration is normally open. 

The Brentek DRY5 Dry Contact Output Module is available on Amazon.  The Brentek DRY5 Dry Output Module is available on Amazon.


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