At a Glance

  • Double Density Dry Output Module
  • Active-low Open-collector Logic
  • 5V compatible with TTL and CMOS
  • Space-saving
  • 10 Dry Output Configurations
  • -40°C to +70°C Operation
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
  • Normally Open FORM 1A Relay
  • High-reliabiltiy Relays
  • FORM AB, 2B or C Relays
  • 1AMP-type and 5AMP-type Relays
  • Customize It! IPD is glad to quote your specific custom module


Brentek Gx2TM Series Dual Dry Output Modules offer offer dual-density I/O packaged in the same module size as single point G-Series modules. Additional pins provide connectivity to Universal I/O mounting racks, single DIN-102R Din-rail socket or Brentek’s High-Density HDXTM Series I/O mounting racks to maximize the number of I/O points in the smallest physical space. Each of the dual outputs are isolated and are controlled independently. LED indicators annunciate which relay output(s) are energized.

Fully encapsulated packaging, industrial temperature range, and high-reliabity relays make these Dry Contact I/O Modules ideal for robust industrial control applications. The input is active-low and may be controlled by open-collector logic. 5 Volt models can be directly controlled by TTL and CMOS logic.

All types offer versatile DRY CONTACT switching of AC and DC power and signal loads with true zero OFF-state leakage current and low ON-state contact resistance. These units give the designer flexibilty to implement modules that directly control a FORM C (SPDT) relay or independently control two FORM 1 relays (2A, AB, or 2B) with just one I/O slot.  The Gx2-DRY output relays provide Dual FORM A (N.O.) contacts as standard; optional types may be Dual FORM B (N.C.), DUAL output 1A/1B or a single FORM C relay.  Gx2-1AMP versions provide all relay configurations (2A, AB, 2B, C) and FCC Part 68.302 and 68.304 Compliance.  Gx2-5AMP versions provide either 2 Form A or 1 FORM C relay. 

Gx2-DRY Family base model numbers include:


Gx2-1AMP5 Gx2-5AMP5
Gx2-DRY12 Gx2-1AMP12


Gx2-DRY15 Gx2-1AMP15


Gx2-DRY24 Gx2-1AMP24




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