At a Glance

  • Industry standard I/O rack compatibility
  • Industry standard I/O module compatibility
  • Complete I/O isolation (point-to-point)
  • Mates all Standard I/O to SNAP-I/O™
  • One B2SNAP-IDC50 per 8 I/O points
  • One B2SNAP-20C Cable per 4 I/O points
  • Customize It! IPD is glad to quote your specific custom I/O adapter


The B2SNAP™ Adapter interfaces Opto 22 SNAP-I/O™ racks and control “brains” to Industry Standard I/O Mounting Racks.  This allows system integrators to use standard I/O Modules to give added control capabilities to a SNAP-type Brain-driven control system.  SNAP I/O™ users can especially take advantage of Brentek International’s broad selection of special capability and custom I/O Modules.

The B2SNAP-IDC50 board plugs into any 4 or 8 position Industry Standard I/O mounting rack and provides the interface for up to eight discrete I/O modules using one SNAP™ position and one B2SNAP-20C ribbon cable for every four standard I/O modules. 

SNAP-I/O™ is a registered trademark of OPTO 22.


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