Gx2-QUAD Adapter for QUAD I/0 Modules (DRY5Q and others)

With QUAD Output Modules and Quad Input modules becoming obsolete throughout the industry, the problem of how to deal with legacy systems using QUAD modules remains… until now.

Brentek introduces the new Gx2-QUAD Adapter is designed for direct plug-in replacement of QUAD-type I/O modules. The adapters allow a system using QUAD-type modules to be quickly updated to DUAL-type modules with no wiring changes. Each adapter replaces a single quad module and may be replaced one at a time or in multiples. Each Gx2-QUAD adapter holds (2) Gx2-Series™ Dual I/O modules.

Example: a Brentek DRY5Q Quad Dry Output Module may be replaced by a single Gx2-QUAD adapter and (2) Gx2-DRY5 DUAL Dry Output modules.

The Gx2-QUAD adapter provides a seamless upgrade with control lines and field lines matching the original QUAD module operation. The modules’ indicator LED sequence is also duplicated to match by physical position. Adapter socket "GXS1" replaces the QUAD module channels 1 & 2 (Module LED ‘B’ represents QUAD channel 1, and LED ‘A’ represents QUAD channel 2), while socket "GXS2" replaces the QUAD module channels 3 & 4 (Module LED ‘B’ represents QUAD channel 3 and LED ‘A’ represents QUAD channel 4).

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