Brentek Latching Relay Output Module

The newly-introduced G-1AMPx-LTCH Latching Relay Output Module provides “fail-safe” control by latching the last output contact state (ON or OFF) prior to power-down.  This is accomplished using a 1 amp dry contact relay.  The module is compatible with industry standard I/O mounting racks for G-Series, G4, G5 and C4 type modules (5-pin versions supporting Inputs and Outputs) and is available for 5V, 12V, 15V, and 24V logic operation.  Reverse logic (FORM B) and Gx2™-Series (SPDT/FORM C) models are also available.

The Latching Relay Output Module is designed for applications where the contact state must be maintained when power is removed or lost.  Applications where it is useful to have a latched contact maintain its last setting until the operator takes manual control include: airport runway lighting, power plant controls, communications signal multiplexers, chemical process controls, etc.

Power is only required to be applied to the module in order to change the output contact state (<3 mS), making solar-powered or battery-powered control applications practical.  These limited-power control applications include equipment such as Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and remote I/O control systems that control waste treatment facilities or unattended buildings.  The latching module’s low-power performance is further enhanced by its LED indicator which operates from an auxiliary set of internal relay contacts to indicate the true state of the output contact in “real-time” (when power is applied).  The output contact state is latched by low-voltage sense circuitry, thereby maintaining its last output state when power is lost, preventing any inadvertent change in output state. 

Optional power-on delay circuitry prevents any unintentional state change during system start-up.  The delay time option is available with delays from 0.25 seconds to 60 seconds.