At a Glance

  • Sourcing Logic Drivers for Standard I/O Rack
  • Discrete Control Wiring Block
  • PLC Logic Can Drive Standard I/O
  • TTL Logic Can Drive I/O > 5 VDC
  • Piggy-backs on 50-PIN IDC Connector
  • 24 Active Inverting Logic Drivers
  • 16 - 24 AWG Control Wiring
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Brentek's IDC50-SRC Sinking Driver Interface allows PLC Logic (sourcing) or TTL Logic to drive an I/O Rack that is loaded up with standard output modules (Active Low Logic).

This piggy-back adapter has 24 on-board inverting I/O Module Drivers which convert PLC Sourcing Logic or TTL Logic signals to the Active Low Logic that Industry-standard Output Modules use. Its input terminals accept control logic signals ranging from standard 5v to 24V (active high).  An internal pull-down resistor assures that any unused inputs are "OFF".  Please see the IDC50-SRC datasheet for complete operating information.

The IDC50-SRC adapter board plugs directly onto the  50-pin IDC connector on Industry-standard I/O Mounting Racks, providing wiring access for all control signals and signal common (GND).  It is suitable for I/O Racks with up to 24 positions.  Its terminal block accepts control wires ranging from 16 to 24 AWG. 

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