At a Glance

  • Trigger on Input ON-Edge
  • 5 uS (typ.) detection
  • Event Triggered Output
  • De-bounce/Stretch Inputs
  • Fits G4 I/O Racks
  • 5000 Vrms Opto-Isolation
  • LED Output Indicator
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • 4.5-32 VAC/VDC Input
  • 5 Volt Logic
  • 1 Second Timeout
  • See G-IPS5FS-INV for ON-edge Triggering
  • Timeouts: 0.1 - 16 Seconds
  • Non-Retriggerable during Timeout Period
  • Non-Retriggerable Sustained until Input is Absent
  • Customize It! IPD is glad to quote your specific custom module


Brentek G-IPS5FS Input Pulse Stretcher Modules allow detection of momentary input signals by “stretching” the input signal. Upon detecting intermittent inputs such as push buttons, proximity sensors, flowmeters, contact closures (relays, etc.) and communications signals, a single logic low ‘ON’ pulse may be read by the computer. A one-second pulse output is standard (other pulse lengths are available). This is especially useful when an input occurs too fast for controller detection or debouncing contacts which might otherwise be read multiple times if “contact bounce” occurs.

Basic G-IPS5FS types trigger on the pulse “OFF- edge” of the input signal. (See timing diagrams). It offers event-triggered one-shot operation in several modes, including Non-retriggerable (-NR), Non-retriggerable/Sustained (-NRS) and retiggerable (standard). 4.5V to 32V Input pulses can be detected.

Refer to G-IPS5FS-INV types for “ON-edge” triggered model(s). 

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