At a Glance

  • Only one input module needed for both AC and DC Inputs
  • Provide 4000V of output isolation
  • 5-24 VDC Logic is standard
  • Dual module saves space
  • Wide input range 5-250 VAC/VDC
  • Integral LED Indicators
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Yellow I/O Casse
  • Captive #4-40 Screw
  • Requires high-density I/O racks
  • 5 VDC Logic
  • Customize It! IPD is glad to quote your specific custom module


Gx2-VINTM Series Dual Voltage Sensing Modules provide two independent inputs in a single size I/O package for space-constrained applications. Separate LEDs provide real-time indication when voltage is present on an input point.

The Gx2-VIN types sense voltages over a wide voltage range of 5 to 250 VAC/VDC and provide input to output isolation in excess of 4000VAC. Gx2-VIN modules operate in 5 to 24VDC logic systems and the Gx2-VIN5 5-volt logic optional configuration provides a cost savings for 5V logic applications.  Because this input module works with both AC and DC input signals, the Gx2-VIN module simplifies stocking for users who have a mix of AC and DC sensing requirements.

Gx2-Series modules are directly compatible with Universal (UNI) and High-Density (HDX) type I/O mounting racks as well as the DIN-102R single point DIN rail socket. 

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