At a Glance

  • Discrete Control Wiring for I/O Racks
  • Fits Industry-standard I/O Racks
  • Easy to Wire the Logic Signals
  • Easy to Service the I/O Rack
  • 26-position Terminal Block
  • Common Ground and +V
  • 16 to 24 AWG Wiring
  • No Options
  • Customize It! IPD is glad to quote your specific custom module


Brentek's IDC50-TB26 50-pin I/O Adapter provides a way to wire individual I/O logic control lines to an I/O Rack that has a 50-pin IDC ribbon cable connector. 

The IDC50-TB26 adapter board plugs directly onto the IDC 50 pin IDC connector of any Industry Standard I/O Mounting Rack.  Its screw-down terminal block facilitates discrete control wiring for up to 24 points of I/O.  Terminals are provided for I/O logic control lines (Position 0 to position 23), (+V) and Common (GND). The 26 position terminal block accepts wire sizes ranging from 16 to 24 AWG. 

The adaptor board can be "wired in the air" which can be more convenient in cramped control panels.  Since the adapter can be removed with all of the control lines still attached, it is easier to replace the I/O rack if it gets damaged. 

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