At a Glance

  • "Universal" Single and Dual I/O Module Rack
  • Panel-mount on Standoffs
  • Universal Module Socket Pattern
  • 8 - 16 I/O Points
  • LED In/Out DIP Switches
  • 50 Pin IDC Logic Connector
  • Screw Terminal Field Wiring
  • No options
  • Customize It! IPD is glad to quote your specific custom module


Brentek UNI-816 ‘Universal’ I/O Racks are designed with a proprietary socket footprint accepting all Single and Dual type I/O modules.  They are the only practical way for a designer to combine multiple I/O modules of multiple types all in one I/O rack.  The UNI-816 is compatible with Brentek's Gx2TM High Density I/O modules , Standard 0.6" series modules, G4 series modules, and 0.4" Mini series modules from manufacturers such as Brentek, OPTO 22, Grayhill, Crouzet, Gordos, etc.

The UNI-816 has eight I/O sockets, providing a total of 8 to 16 separate I/O channels, depending on the designer's combination of single and dual I/O modules. Each socket position has an LED indicator which can be selected IN or OUT of circuit via DIP-switch, depending on which type of I/O module is mounted in that socket.  For I/O modules having their own indicator (i.e. OPTO 22 G4-types), the UNI-816's ‘onboard’ LED should be switched ‘OUT’.

Control logic connects through the 50 pin IDC connector. The system designer may use mass-terminated ribbon cable or may use individual control wires  The individual control wire solution is facilitated by adding the appropriate Brentek screw terminal plug-on interface adaptors - for standard logic with standard I/O modules, use the IDC50-TB26, to interface PLC (sourcing) Logic  or TTL logic with standard (active-low) I/O modules (output modules only), use the IDC50-SRC - please consult those datasheets for interfacing details.

The high-quality full-size field wiring screw terminals accept #22 to #12 AWG wire sizes. The UNI-816 includes four stand-offs with #6 clearance holes for panel mounting. 

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