At a Glance

  • 7 Pulse Timing Modes
  • 1 mSec Increments
  • Real-Time Status Indicators
  • LCD/Buttons User Interface
  • Economical Pre-configured Model (300)
  • Compact Form Factor
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
  • NPN/PNP Input Detection
  • Protected SSR Output
  • 10-30 VDC Operation
  • Opto Isolated Input
  • 5 Amp or Reed Relay Outputs
  • 5 VDC Operation
  • Customize It! IPD is glad to quote your specific custom module


The PTM-300 Series Pulse Timing Module can solve timing issues in many sensor timing and control applications. Pulses may be accepted from standard sensor outputs, such as Proximity and Photo-sensors. User control is provided for pulse timing in 1 millisecond increments. Standard timing functions include EXTEND Pulses, STRETCH or SHORTEN Pulses, detect signal activity from sensors (i.e. Motion sensors, Proximity Sensors, Optical Sensors) , DELAY-ON, DELAY-OFF, INTERVAL timing, and PULSE BUFFER modes.  The BUFFER mode can be set to provide Watchdog Timer functionality.

The PTM-300 Series automatically detects the polarity of the input signal (either PNP sourcing or NPN sinking) and produces an output of the same polarity through its protected SSR output. It also provides user selectable complimentary output polarity.

The model PTM-300U provides an LCD display and user controls for simple time/function configuration, as well as 'on-the-fly' timing adjustments (▲ ▼) in 1mS and 100mS steps. Configuration is stored in non-volatile memory. Real-time STATUS LEDs are provided to indicate Input and Output signal status and polarity, as well as active Timing status for display of operation at a glance.

For customers who need sophisticated pulse timing capabilities in a specific configuration that is not changeable, the model PTM-300 is a built-to-order pulse timing module with no push buttons or LCD display.  It provides both cost-savings and tamper-proofing. 

Standard features include: 10-30Vdc operation, Auto-detect Input polarity, 120 mA-rated single output for both PNP sourcing and NPN sinking signal polarity (short-circuit protected), low-profile 8-pin octal plug-in and encapsulated timing circuitry for industrial reliability. Many options (including dry contact outputs and opto-isolated input) and pre-programmed configurations are available - please see the PTM-300 / PTM-300U datasheet for complete information.

The Brentek PTM-300U user-configurable pulse timing module is available on Amazon. The PTM-300U user-configurable pulse timing module is available on Amazon.   

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