Conditioning for Momentary, Transient, or Voltage Inputs

Brentek offers highly versatile Pulse-timing Modules and Pulse-stretching Input Modules which condition momentary or transient inputs into a 0.01 to 60 second wide pulse.  These input modules can be used to de-bounce or stretch inputs such as push buttons, flow meters, optical detectors, relay contacts and communications signals.  A singe low pulse can then be read by the computer, PLC, or I/O controller preventing the momentary event (i.e. switch bounce or switching transient) from being missed or preventing it from being detected multiple times. Pulse stretchers are particularly useful in interrupt-driven control systems. 

Brentek PTM-300 Series Pulse Timing Modules are versatile user-configured octal timers that can solve multiple timing issues in many sensor timing and control applications. Pulses may be acccepted from standard sensor outputs such as Proximity Sensors and Photo Sensors. Output pulse width timing can be set in 1 millisecond increments.  Brentek Pulse Timing Modules are used in applications such as timing conveyors, product printing and labeling processes, machine design, process timing, or in almost any timing function.

The PTM-300 Pulse Timing Module's standard timing functions include:

  • Extend or Shorten Pulses
    • One-shot / non-retriggerable
    • One-shot /re-triggerable (watchdog)
  • Buffer Pulses
  • Delay on Make
  • Delay on Break  (OFF Delay)

Brentek IPS5-Series Input Pulse Stretcher modules are optically-isolated DC input modules with built in timing circuitry.  They are fully compatible with Classic, SM, and M type industry-standard I/O module formats and I/O racks from OPTO 22, Grayhill, Gordos, and Crouzet.  Pulse Stretcher Modules are used in both polled and interrupt-driven systems which have signals that could be too fast for the controller to read.  They are also useful to de-bounce a mechanical contact such as a switch or relay that could provide multiple inputs to the controller for only one event.   A non-retriggerable (NR) pulse stretcher will read only the first contact closure and ignore the additional input signals that are due to contact bounce.  

Brentek IPS series pulse stretchers have a wide input voltage range of 2-32 Volts DC and are available with 5V, 12V, 15V, and 24V logic outputs.  Standard timeout is 1 second.  Optional timeouts range from 0.1 to 16 seconds.  The IPS-5 Series is available in event-triggered one-shot modes:

  • retriggerable,
  • non-retriggerable, and
  • sustained output (excellent for polled control systems) 

Brentek HDXTM Dual-density Voltage-sensing Input Modules offer twice the input density of industry standard G4, C4, G5, and 70G type input modules. These innovative Voltage-sensing Input Modules have been field proven for over 20 years. The Gx2TM Series provides two optically-isolated input channels of AC or DC inputs in one G4 package.  Both inputs are completely independent and provide input to output optical isolation to more than 5000 VAC RMS.  They are available in 5V, 12V, 15V, and 24V logic system voltages. These high-density modules fit all Brentek HDX™, Brentek Universal I/O Racks and DIN-102R Sockets.  When 12 dual-density modules are used with a PB24HDX rack, the panel space occupied by the rack is reduced by up to 35% versus other standard density I/O racks.

About Voltage Sensing

Voltage Sensing is as simple as detecting the presence (ON) or absence (OFF) of a voltage,thus providing a digital input to the controller. The voltage is generally from a biased contact (relay or switch). In some applications, such as standby power systems, it may be sensing the presence or absence of the power line or power supply voltage. Voltage sensing modules are selected as to the voltage range and type (AC, DC, either or both) of the specific voltage(s) to be sensed. Typically, they also provide optical isolation for sensing high voltages that could damage low voltage logic input circuits. Optical isolated input modules also isolate voltages with a different commons (ground potentials) originating from different power sources, eliminating ground currents (ground loops) and noise potentials associated with them. In DC voltage sensing applications, an optically isolated input module may be wired to sense voltages from a sourcing (PNP) or sinking (NPN) control level output. Likewise in AC sensing applications, voltage can be referenced to line (L) or neutral (N).

Customizing Pulse Timing Modules and Input Modules is one of Brentek's specialties!



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